Malfunction – First Person Shooter

Game info

Malfunction is a multiplayer co-op first-person-shooter where you’re trying to escape a factory. Blasting yourself through dangerous enemy robots (alternatively with a friend) to eventually get to freedom.

My contributions

  • Componet system
  • Network – Prediction, Snapshot-interpolation
  • GUI – Healthbar, Shieldbar, Damage Indication
  • Tools for levedeisgners
  • AI – Behaviours, Navmesh, Pathfinding,
  • Various gameplay features

Development Info

  • Made in 10 weeks, half time.
  • 3 programmers, 3 level designers, 3 graphical artists.
  • Programmed in c++ and in own engine. Tools created in C#¬†Windows Forms.
  • Third party tools used: Wwise, PhysX, DirectX


Check in later for the gameplay trailer!