Harbinger – Real Time Strategy


Game info

Harbinger is a real-time strategy game in which the player controls a necromancer. On a quest to raise an undead army and vanquish good from the world, the player gathers souls from fallen enemies to raise his army and send deadly spells the enemies way. Ultimately decorating the fallen city of Ulendorf with the heads of his enemies.

My contributions

  • The component system
  • AI – High Level Ai Director, Group Behaviour, Navmesh
  • Various gameplay features
  • Tools for leveldesigners

Development Info

  • Made in 10 weeks, half time.
  • 3 programmers, 3 level designers, 3 graphical artists.
  • Programmed in c++ and in own engine. Tools created in C# Windows Forms.
  • Third party tools used: Wwise, DirectX